Monthly Archives: October 2012

WarPaint for the Walking Wounded… the blog

‘Tis the changing of the seasons, and even in ever-temperate California, that sends my immune system into an absolute dither.  As such, I’ve spent the last eight days heavily medicated on over the counter treats such as Theraflu, Mucinex, and … Continue reading

Things I’m currently obsessing over…

I feel this is going to be a recurring post, but I hate the title.  Suggestions, folks? So… let’s start this week with some of a handful of things that are tickling my fancy at this moment. All things are, of … Continue reading

The proper care and feeding of brushes…

I’ve been through brushes like nobody’s business, and I have an obscene stash, both professionally and personally.  Beautiful, well-made brushes are my weakness.  And while I am fond of remarking that I cannot have nice things (a statement usually uttered … Continue reading