Anchors Away! March Ipsy Bag


I was tickled to step outside last night and find my happy pink packages banded together on my stoop – yay!

I’d done a little peeking around on Facebook, so I did have an idea about the Ipsy contents, but there were a few surprises.

redanchorearringsjumboThe month’s bag was printed with anchors and very cute (although I was kinda hoping for something green – last year’s was a little clovery).  Nautical is hot for spring, ladies!  Reminds me of a certain pair of earrings from a certain jewelry designer who may also live inside my head… I don’t even wanna talk about the one billion Ipsy bags I have floating around in my bedroom that I can’t seem to get rid of (like a good little jr. hoarder).

Okay, so I was sure I had another Coastal Scents quad coming to me, but instead I got two little shadows from Yaby!  Yay!  I have a palette from Yaby in my work kit that I’ve been using and loving for years – the World of Pearl paint pre-set.  To be honest, I have a love/hate thing with these tiny shadows. On the one hand, they are inexpensive to replace, and are so tiny that they seem to stay pressed better and easy to lug around for professionals, but on the other, sometimes they are a pain to get my brushes into and dig color out of for mixing.  At any rate, the Yaby quality is excellent, as usual, and I received the shadows in Seashell (sort of a lightly shimmery bone) and Azalea Petal (which is a ruddy cocoa).


Here’s a terrible picture of the Yaby shadows tucked into the GlamRX palette – you’re WELCOME.

Also in my FB snooping, I thought I’d seen a Z palette, which is the brand of the freeform palettes that I also keep in my work kit.  A free-form, or freestyle palette is a big empty magnetic palette that you just pop your pans of shadow, blush, etc into (hint: if you have any MAC palettes lying around you can bust out the pan divider and have your own little freeform palette to fill with any shaped product you’d like).  These are absolute necessities for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that if I had tons of shadow singles that I schlepped around in my kit, I’d be a hotter mess than I already am.  Anywho, this palette I received was a teeny version from a brand called Glam Rx, and I think it’s a little bit brilliant.  I’ve never seen one so small, and I’m gonna pop all my Coastal Scents shadows from previous Ipsy bags in as soon as I remember to. :/  These are great for gals who don’t have one million shadows that require ginormo palette real estate, and I could also throw in the Meet Matt shadows I’ve received from Birchbox previously.  It’s just swell, I tell ya, and I may just be using the generous coupon code included this month for GlamRX.

Moving on, I received a hydrating mist from Juice Beauty.  Oh, Juice Beauty, your organic hippie-dippy goodness ALWAYS destroys my skin – sigh.  I love a good hydrating spray, but my guess is I’ll only be able to use this once.  I’ve received tons of Juice Beauty products between my two subscription boxes, from the Peel (which turns my face into beef carpaggio in five minutes, but if I monitor it closely and wash it thoroughly off after three minutes, it’s okay) to the Blemish Clearing Gel (which, naturally, breaks me out), and all I can think of is that, organic as it all may be, this brand is not cut out for freakishly sensitive rosacea-face, and that’s what I’ve got, ladies and gents.  Nonetheless, I will be giving this a whirl.

Last of all, I received some LA Fresh makeup remover wipes, which is awesome because I absolutely can never have enough of them.  They have a bit of vitamin e, so that bodes well, and these will very likely end up packed in my overnight bag.  Seriously, folks, confession time – if it wasn’t for makeup remover wipes, I would sleep in my makeup every single time I wear it.  They are the lazy girl’s best, BEST friend.

So there you have it, gang – what’d you think of the contents of your Ipsy bag this month?  Did you get anything different?

And, PS, if you’re not a subscriber already… whatchoo waiting for?  Zuhl really thinks you should…

You know you wanna...

You know you wanna…



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