My new obsession – Lime Crime!


I know I’m in trouble when I try a new product (or two), and then find myself OBSESSING over and then finally buying several new shades… and, um, maybe a couple more products to play with. (whistles innocently)

So, uh, I accidentally came home with some Lime Crime – what took me so long? – and it’s a game changer for this product junkie.

So Lime Crime is a smallish line started by the vivid-haired Doe Deere, with a passion for bright color and cruelty-free production.  The packaging is covered in polka dots and unicorn busts, and even in the tube the shades are head-turning – I couldn’t resist.

So what followed me home was two of the cult-favorited Velvetines, which are a liquid lipstick with totally opaque color that dries perfectly, velvety matte and is absolutely transfer-proof – and kind of amazing.  Like, for serials, I went swimming with Red Velvet on my lips yesterday and it totally stayed put.  Red lipcolor is always my gateway drug, but brain-melting fuschias and violets are my latest obsession, so I brought Red Velvet and Utopia to start.


I love them SO much, I actually hunted down the impossible to find Wicked and it is on its way to me.  A kiss-proof lipcolor in a rock n’ roll shade is something this betrothed girl needs to be researching…

If lipcolor is my jam, eyeliner is next in line, particularly brightly colored liquid liner.  LOVE it so.  So I picked up two eyeliners in Orchidaceous and Citreuse, electro-violet and chartreuse, respectively.


I haven’t taken these bad boys in the pool yet, or even worn them to work (which is almost the same thing), but Citreuse was still on my lids unmoved after a day of wear.  It did need a little layering to get true color on the lid, but that doesn’t bother me.  The closest I’ve come to an acid-lime liquid liner previously was a felt-tipped pen from Tokidoki, which I do still love, but that formulation is harder to layer for some reason.

Confession time: Further internet exploration of the brand resulted in more than just the acquisition of another Velvetine – I’ve got two super sparkly Carousel Glosses winging their way to me as well… photos and review to follow… Like a good junkie. 🙂



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