OMG – Lime Crime Carousel Gloss! (plus bonus Wicked Velvetine!)

IMG_20141015_095005_901Okay, so it was just last week that I got a little Lime Crime in my life!  In typical #beautyjunkie fashion, that first little taste led me to hunt far and wide for their gorgeously sparkly Carousel Glosses and the blood red Velvetine in Wicked (a must for a red-loving girl with a pug named Elphaba).IMG_20141015_095038_016

The Carousel Gloss in Present was first to arrive – it’s a gorgeous plummy gloss that sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen, and even leaves a pretty wine stain on your lips if, for instance, you received said gloss at your front door on the way out to stuff your face with sushi for dinner.  It’s a remarkable color.IMG_20141015_094914_202

Which made me so happy that I also found – from an online store in Canada – the gloss in Candy Apple.  I am constantly questing for the perfect glittery red, and this just might be it.  It feels good, smells good, and for a lipgloss it stays on pretty darn well.  The only downside I can see to these Carousel Glosses is that some shades are hard to track down, and I’m afraid now I’m gonna need to catch ’em all like Pokemon.  Whomp whomp.  PS: My camera phone photos simply do not do them justice – which I think is a common issue, as I scoured the interwebs for accurate swatches.  You just can’t catch how cool these are with a camera.

Now, the Wicked Velvetine is gorgeous!  Love the name, love the color, still in love with the formula on these lipsticks – kiss proof, food proof, fool proof.  What’s not to love?  Next on my list are Black Velvet, Pink Velvet, Salem, and Suedeberry (I think that might be the lot of them). 🙂


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