I’m baaaaack! Wedding post-mortem and hooray for Temptu!


Long time no blog, huh?  Did you miss me?!

Well, I’m a married lady now!  Yeehaw!  It was a wonderful weekend with all of our beloved friends and family and I wouldn’t have changed a thing (except perhaps my stress level in the months leading up to it), but I’m happy to have it in the rear view and be on to thank you notes and back to reality… which means WORK!

One thing I confirmed at my own wedding was that the Temptu S/B makeup I use on my clients is absolutely freakin’ bulletproof, and remarkable.  Yes, I did my own makeup, and I used the same products I use on my bridal clients, and I have to say – I didn’t touch up my makeup even once!  I rocked a Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked (talk about bulletproof – those babies wear like IRON!), and, admittedly, in the photos from the end of the night I had a bit more “glow” than I’d started the day with, but not enough to really even warrant more than a quick blot!  And I was sweating my brains out, hot, overwhelmed, crying, anxious, you name it!  So if a face full of makeup lasted that well on me… I know I’ve been peddling a good product lo these many years. 🙂

That was incentive enough that when Temptu had their flawless complexion kit on sale for $99, I bit and ordered my very own.  0415151754

And it’s Kermit the Frog green.  Score!

The airbrush I use for work is from Temptu, but it’s a regular gravity feed gun as opposed to this funny little “airpod” system.  I am a fairly solid shade 004 in their line, so it was okay to try this new setup since I don’t need to mix.  🙂  The first time I tried it was a minor comedic disaster, mostly because I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, and have no good light or mirrors in my house, blah blah blah.  But I daresay I’ve got the hang of it now!  I’m not an everyday foundation girl, but for special occasions this is my new favorite thing!  Added bonus – the airpod requires zero cleaning! Hooray!  I’m even thinking about purchasing some blush and highlight shades. 🙂




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