New Lipstick Wednesday!

It’s a thing.  I just started it.   0603151441a

Largely because, ahem, it’s Wednesday and I just got two new lipcolors in the mail.  Duh.

Although I also received another blog worthy color a coupla weeks ago, so I’m combining these bad boys.

In other news, I’m hasbrown obvi getting older because I won’t even tell you how many selfies I had to take to get three semi-decent pics of myself in lipstick.  And my eyes are blurred out like a Little Orphan Annie cartoon in two of them, courtesy of my amazing Transitions lenses.



I’ve fallen down the Instagram makeup junkie rabbit hole as of late, and all three of these purchases are a direct result of said tumble (not to be confused with tumblr, whatever that is). 🙂

Anastasia Beverly Hills, once solely the brow shaper to the stars and keeper of the great ashy brow colors, has expanded her line to include lots of neato products and colors, and has a very active Insta-life.

Craft is a raspberry shade in her Liquid Lipstick formula, and it is just gorgeous.  The finish is quite matte, and the formula is comparable to my much beloved Lime Crime Velvetines (bad internet PR be damned!), and the packaging is sleek and lovely.  And, again, the color is delicious.  0603151433

Next up from Anastasia is her lipgloss in Electro.  I’ve been off gloss as of late, because a long-wearing matte in a bold color requires almost no touch-up for me, but if I’m gonna go glossy, it’s gonna have some sparkly in it, and this color does.  It’s another raspberry-ish shade, but with blue purple glitter that is not gritty but so sparkly in sunlight.  I love the applicator, and it feels thick without being incredibly sticky, which I love.


And last up is another little something that can be traced directly to Instagram.  Go look up the hashtag #blitzed.  Just do it, I’ll wait.

It’s a gorgeous teal matte lipstick from a little indie brand called Melt, that seems so luscious and wearable, photographs beautifully, blah blah blah, I had to have it.  It arrived in really great packaging, and is all around fab, except I can’t quite make up my mind how wearable it is for me… 06031514360603151436i  … maybe I just don’t have anywhere appropriate to rock it?  I mean, I wore it to Costco on a Sunday with my husband.  And I shared it with two of my favorite girls on Memorial Day weekend…

FullSizeRender… but I’m still not entirely convinced.  It’s such a great color, it wears like iron, and I just can’t give up on it yet.  Maybe if I just keep it in heavy rotation, I’ll get used to it. 🙂

So there you have it!  Whatcha think of today’s lippies?  BTW, in the lip swatchy pics I’m wearing a little Stila Stay All Day foundation and Smashbox Halo Powder as well as a Cargo blush (thank you, Birchbox!) in Amalfi.

And here are some bonus pigs for ya… 0603151443


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