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New Lipstick Wednesday!

It’s a thing.  I just started it.   0603151441a

Largely because, ahem, it’s Wednesday and I just got two new lipcolors in the mail.  Duh.

Although I also received another blog worthy color a coupla weeks ago, so I’m combining these bad boys.

In other news, I’m hasbrown obvi getting older because I won’t even tell you how many selfies I had to take to get three semi-decent pics of myself in lipstick.  And my eyes are blurred out like a Little Orphan Annie cartoon in two of them, courtesy of my amazing Transitions lenses.



I’ve fallen down the Instagram makeup junkie rabbit hole as of late, and all three of these purchases are a direct result of said tumble (not to be confused with tumblr, whatever that is). 🙂

Anastasia Beverly Hills, once solely the brow shaper to the stars and keeper of the great ashy brow colors, has expanded her line to include lots of neato products and colors, and has a very active Insta-life.

Craft is a raspberry shade in her Liquid Lipstick formula, and it is just gorgeous.  The finish is quite matte, and the formula is comparable to my much beloved Lime Crime Velvetines (bad internet PR be damned!), and the packaging is sleek and lovely.  And, again, the color is delicious.  0603151433

Next up from Anastasia is her lipgloss in Electro.  I’ve been off gloss as of late, because a long-wearing matte in a bold color requires almost no touch-up for me, but if I’m gonna go glossy, it’s gonna have some sparkly in it, and this color does.  It’s another raspberry-ish shade, but with blue purple glitter that is not gritty but so sparkly in sunlight.  I love the applicator, and it feels thick without being incredibly sticky, which I love.


And last up is another little something that can be traced directly to Instagram.  Go look up the hashtag #blitzed.  Just do it, I’ll wait.

It’s a gorgeous teal matte lipstick from a little indie brand called Melt, that seems so luscious and wearable, photographs beautifully, blah blah blah, I had to have it.  It arrived in really great packaging, and is all around fab, except I can’t quite make up my mind how wearable it is for me… 06031514360603151436i  … maybe I just don’t have anywhere appropriate to rock it?  I mean, I wore it to Costco on a Sunday with my husband.  And I shared it with two of my favorite girls on Memorial Day weekend…

FullSizeRender… but I’m still not entirely convinced.  It’s such a great color, it wears like iron, and I just can’t give up on it yet.  Maybe if I just keep it in heavy rotation, I’ll get used to it. 🙂

So there you have it!  Whatcha think of today’s lippies?  BTW, in the lip swatchy pics I’m wearing a little Stila Stay All Day foundation and Smashbox Halo Powder as well as a Cargo blush (thank you, Birchbox!) in Amalfi.

And here are some bonus pigs for ya… 0603151443


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I’m baaaaack! Wedding post-mortem and hooray for Temptu!


Long time no blog, huh?  Did you miss me?!

Well, I’m a married lady now!  Yeehaw!  It was a wonderful weekend with all of our beloved friends and family and I wouldn’t have changed a thing (except perhaps my stress level in the months leading up to it), but I’m happy to have it in the rear view and be on to thank you notes and back to reality… which means WORK!

One thing I confirmed at my own wedding was that the Temptu S/B makeup I use on my clients is absolutely freakin’ bulletproof, and remarkable.  Yes, I did my own makeup, and I used the same products I use on my bridal clients, and I have to say – I didn’t touch up my makeup even once!  I rocked a Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked (talk about bulletproof – those babies wear like IRON!), and, admittedly, in the photos from the end of the night I had a bit more “glow” than I’d started the day with, but not enough to really even warrant more than a quick blot!  And I was sweating my brains out, hot, overwhelmed, crying, anxious, you name it!  So if a face full of makeup lasted that well on me… I know I’ve been peddling a good product lo these many years. 🙂

That was incentive enough that when Temptu had their flawless complexion kit on sale for $99, I bit and ordered my very own.  0415151754

And it’s Kermit the Frog green.  Score!

The airbrush I use for work is from Temptu, but it’s a regular gravity feed gun as opposed to this funny little “airpod” system.  I am a fairly solid shade 004 in their line, so it was okay to try this new setup since I don’t need to mix.  🙂  The first time I tried it was a minor comedic disaster, mostly because I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, and have no good light or mirrors in my house, blah blah blah.  But I daresay I’ve got the hang of it now!  I’m not an everyday foundation girl, but for special occasions this is my new favorite thing!  Added bonus – the airpod requires zero cleaning! Hooray!  I’m even thinking about purchasing some blush and highlight shades. 🙂




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OMG – Lime Crime Carousel Gloss! (plus bonus Wicked Velvetine!)

IMG_20141015_095005_901Okay, so it was just last week that I got a little Lime Crime in my life!  In typical #beautyjunkie fashion, that first little taste led me to hunt far and wide for their gorgeously sparkly Carousel Glosses and the blood red Velvetine in Wicked (a must for a red-loving girl with a pug named Elphaba).IMG_20141015_095038_016

The Carousel Gloss in Present was first to arrive – it’s a gorgeous plummy gloss that sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen, and even leaves a pretty wine stain on your lips if, for instance, you received said gloss at your front door on the way out to stuff your face with sushi for dinner.  It’s a remarkable color.IMG_20141015_094914_202

Which made me so happy that I also found – from an online store in Canada – the gloss in Candy Apple.  I am constantly questing for the perfect glittery red, and this just might be it.  It feels good, smells good, and for a lipgloss it stays on pretty darn well.  The only downside I can see to these Carousel Glosses is that some shades are hard to track down, and I’m afraid now I’m gonna need to catch ’em all like Pokemon.  Whomp whomp.  PS: My camera phone photos simply do not do them justice – which I think is a common issue, as I scoured the interwebs for accurate swatches.  You just can’t catch how cool these are with a camera.

Now, the Wicked Velvetine is gorgeous!  Love the name, love the color, still in love with the formula on these lipsticks – kiss proof, food proof, fool proof.  What’s not to love?  Next on my list are Black Velvet, Pink Velvet, Salem, and Suedeberry (I think that might be the lot of them). 🙂


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My new obsession – Lime Crime!


I know I’m in trouble when I try a new product (or two), and then find myself OBSESSING over and then finally buying several new shades… and, um, maybe a couple more products to play with. (whistles innocently)

So, uh, I accidentally came home with some Lime Crime – what took me so long? – and it’s a game changer for this product junkie.

So Lime Crime is a smallish line started by the vivid-haired Doe Deere, with a passion for bright color and cruelty-free production.  The packaging is covered in polka dots and unicorn busts, and even in the tube the shades are head-turning – I couldn’t resist.

So what followed me home was two of the cult-favorited Velvetines, which are a liquid lipstick with totally opaque color that dries perfectly, velvety matte and is absolutely transfer-proof – and kind of amazing.  Like, for serials, I went swimming with Red Velvet on my lips yesterday and it totally stayed put.  Red lipcolor is always my gateway drug, but brain-melting fuschias and violets are my latest obsession, so I brought Red Velvet and Utopia to start.


I love them SO much, I actually hunted down the impossible to find Wicked and it is on its way to me.  A kiss-proof lipcolor in a rock n’ roll shade is something this betrothed girl needs to be researching…

If lipcolor is my jam, eyeliner is next in line, particularly brightly colored liquid liner.  LOVE it so.  So I picked up two eyeliners in Orchidaceous and Citreuse, electro-violet and chartreuse, respectively.


I haven’t taken these bad boys in the pool yet, or even worn them to work (which is almost the same thing), but Citreuse was still on my lids unmoved after a day of wear.  It did need a little layering to get true color on the lid, but that doesn’t bother me.  The closest I’ve come to an acid-lime liquid liner previously was a felt-tipped pen from Tokidoki, which I do still love, but that formulation is harder to layer for some reason.

Confession time: Further internet exploration of the brand resulted in more than just the acquisition of another Velvetine – I’ve got two super sparkly Carousel Glosses winging their way to me as well… photos and review to follow… Like a good junkie. 🙂



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New favorites: NARS Audacious Lipsticks

Happy Fall, y’all!

Although here in sunny California, it’s definitely still feeling distinctly summery.  🙂

Well, it’s been FOREVER since last I blogged, and there’s no excuse – but if there were a good excuse, it would have to be the fact that I’m not-quite winding down one of the busiest wedding seasons ever AND in the panicked throes of obsessing about my own wedding (gulp).  Can you blame me for going MIA?  Well, maybe you can…

But fear not!  Just because I’ve spent the last few months at the mercy of a mess of fabulous brides (seriously, it’s been a great season!) as well as my own neuroses, doesn’t mean I’ve neglected my main obligation as compulsive beauty buyer.  It’d take more than an onslaught of work to slow down my shopping habits, gang. 🙂

And just in the last few weeks I’ve fallen in love with a handful of new lip products (I’m SO predictable) that I’d love to share with you – the first of which is the much anticipated NARS Audacious lipstick line.

It’s no secret that I’m a NARS junkie (#narsissist) already – if you were to peek in both my kit and my vanity, you’d find a slew of blushes and a shocking number of eyeshadow duos. They offer a huge array of colors and I find their pigment payoff to be consistent – pretty much across their whole product line.  And to my delight, these new lipsticks are seriously amazing!

Each shade bears a different woman’s name (spoiler alert: there’s a Catherine and I had to have it!), a crazy amount of single swipe color, and a long wearing, almost gel-ish finish that even stands up respectably to eating and drinking.  They are seriously SO good.  Since my namesake is described as a “sunny guava” and not a shade I’d usually gravitate toward (although it has totally grown on me), I ran back and had to pick up Charlotte as well.  I’ve got a whole shopping cart ready to go full of girls like Ingrid, Audrey, Fanny, and Greta.



The packaging is lovely, too.  These sleek, chic angled cases are matte, black, and magnetic.  They feel like something special even before you open the tube.


You can read more and purchase them at www.narscosmetics.com.  Do they have your name?!  Go NARS!!!


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Urban Decay Sale Haul

IMG_20140430_145255_714I love Urban Decay – I always have. 🙂  They have been doing something totally unique for many moons, and I can get behind that.  It also doesn’t hurt that I think their business timeline lines up pretty well with my early fascination with “good” makeup.  I can remember coughing up the cash for a Gash lipstick when they were in the original gold, bullet-shaped tubes, and I loved it.

They’ve had great, consistent products and evolved from being just a “trend” brand for teenyboppers to having a solid collection of products that professional makeup artists are pleased to carry in our kits.  Hello, Naked palette much?

So they recently had a pretty fantastic closing out sale, and I loaded up on a few things.  That’s three of the Surreal Skin cream-to-powder foundations I’ve got stacked up there.  It’s so great, and I’m so bummed that it’s being discontinued, but at $10 a pop, this will hold me a while. It’s a great sheer compact that goes on creamy and really does dry down to a slightly powdery finish without leaving your skin looking dry.  The coverage is buildable for gals who like a little more, and it comes with a brush that is actually pretty darn useful for buffing the makeup into the skin.IMG_20140430_145316_765IMG_20140430_145340_455

And it’s all wrapped up in a purple compact with skulls on it.  What’s not to love?

I had another moment of nostalgia with the Love Junkie Lip Junkie gloss.  This is another throwback color – in fact, I may have the original gloss in the original packaging still floating around here somewhere…

Next up is the Midnight Cowboy 24/7 lip pencil – one of my all-time favorite neutral lippy shades to lay down as a base for color.  These and the Make Up For Ever Aqua pencils are as close to magic as it gets as far as truly waterproof lip color – that doesn’t leave your lips dry or get them pilling and weird after extended wear.

Then there’s the chubby shadow stick in Delinquent – a sparkly purple.  I think these may be discontinued as well.  I love pencils like this (I think I have about twelve from Tarte) for a quick and dirty smokey eye.  Just draw on your lids and blend out with your fingers.

Freebies thrown in my purchase were a mini of the All-Nighter Setting spray, which is one of the finishers I’ve got on rotation in my kit, and the Primer Potion, which is pretty standard issue for anyone who has ever had her shadow crease. 🙂

It’s been a wild month and May is looking like it’s gonna be the same!  I love wedding season!




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April’s Rainy Days Birchbox


I was very happy with this month’s subscription boxes!

The Birchbox has a bit of a rainy day theme, and was chock-full of goodies I was actually pretty stoked to try!

I received the Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care shampoo.  I LOVE Fekkai products (particularly that olive oil glossing line), so I’m very excited to try this color line.  His products are fantastic, so I’m sure it’ll be great!

Next up was a Kind Healthy Grains granola-ish bar in Maple Pumpkin Seed.  I haven’t tasted it yet, but I threw this little guy into my purse for a snack emergency.  I do love it when they do that!

I also received a Color Club mini polish in Heirloom Pearls, a slightly shimmery, creamy white shade from their Gala’s Gems collection.  Usually I love the idea of white polish far more than the wear and formulation on actual white polishes – but this one is pretty solid.  It’s got a very pearly finish, and goes on pretty streak free.  I really like it!  The only downside is that it does discolor a little bit after a day or two of wear.

Then there is the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil in Silver.  This is a great pencil!  The silver is metallic, but wearable, and pretty long-wearing!  I love colored liners, so I think it’s awesome!


Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil in Silver and the Balm How You Like Them Apples? Cheek stain in Pie

Last up was one of my favorite little goodies – the Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek stain in Pie.  I’ve been eyeballing this palette for over a month, so this sampling may just be the thing that puts me over into purchase!  My whole exposure to the Balm has been through subscription boxes, and I’m pretty sure they are gaining momentum as a fun, playful, and fantastic addition to my personal and pro makeup stash.  The packaging is beyond adorable and creative, and they have pug mascots as well – you know that works for me! 🙂

So this was a great one!  Did you get anything good?


Here’s a pic of me making up a bride (and real-life bestie) Michelle for her wedding last August.


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April’s Ipsy Bag!

IMG_20140413_091131_264Happy Tuesday, y’all!

It’s been a busy coupla days!  Between wedding season ramping up, and my crazy idea of starting kickboxing classes, there’s a lot going on – and yesterday I got to take an afternoon to hit a bridal makeup class at the Make Up For Ever studio – more on that (and the goodies I loaded up on!) in another blog.

For now, let’s talk April’s Ipsy!  It’s a good one – which is fortunate, because last month left me feeling a little ho-hum.

I love getting hair products in my bag – it’s the best way to give something a whirl and figure out what works best for me, or will eventually find its way into my kit for work.  I received Root Pump, from Big Sexy Hair, which is actually a product I used years ago.  It’s described as a spray mousse, and really does give fine, limp hair some much needed lift.  I’m excited to get reacquainted with this bad boy.

Next up was a Black Velvet 24/7 eye pencil from Urban Decay.  Now, I have a long-standing love affair with these liners, but this is the third black pencil liner UD has come out with, and I’m not 100% sure why that’s necessary.  That being said, they are bad-ass, waterproof, and smooth and creamy, so as long as they keep making ’em, I’ll keep buying ’em.  For the record, I’m pretty sure I have  both Perversion and Zero (the two other black pencils) rolling around under this roof as we speak.

Then there was a Dr. Brandt exfoliator.  Yeah, it does just that.  I’m just not sure how I feel about our friend Dr. Brandt.  He has an XM Radio show I sometimes listen to, so I want to like him – but I haven’t been that excited by any of the products I’ve tried yet.  But it’s a good little scrub, and that’s that.

I also received a Pop! Goes the Shadow from Elizabeth Mott in champagne.  I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it’s a pretty great quality shadow – good color, pretty long wearing (swatched on a bare hand), and definitely a great-sized sample.  It would totally be worth exploring this brand further!

Champagne shadow swatch and Urban Decay Black Velvet pencil

Champagne shadow swatch and Urban Decay Black Velvet pencil

IMG_20140414_095025_647Lastly, I received a Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm.  Now, this is interesting, because I can’t decide if the packaging is brilliant, or kinda wasteful.  It’s got a separate lip brush in the handle, which I kinda love.  The color is pretty and feels good on the lips.

Then there’s the cute turntable bag – one of my favorite styles in my entire time as an Ipsy subscriber!  Love it!

The only thing that could’ve made it better is the inclusion of Benefit Lollitint – I guess I’m gonna have to suck it up and buy my own. 🙂  I live for those lip and cheek stains!

What’d you get?  Did you loooooove it?

And here’s a teaser from beautiful bride Laura’s wedding in February!

I didn’t do the hair for this group, but I love the homage to Bridesmaids!

View More: http://byamylynnphotography.pass.us/mikelaura

Makeup by Catherine

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July Wedding at Twin Oaks!

I did Kelsey’s wedding last July at Twin Oaks and she and her girls were such fun!  Here are a coupla great shots from her big day! 1236918_10201091873833622_2072304304_n 58822_10201091894114129_872092467_n   I LOVE this venue.  🙂  This is one that Chris and I actually looked at for our own wedding – it’s fabulous for warmer months and has this awesome romantic, shabby chic, vintage feel.  I got the girls ready in a historical schoolhouse!

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