While you were weekending…

Phew – it’s been a busy week! Wedding season has landed, and I’m thrilled (if exhausted). 🙂

This week I had a couple of days at an event for Samy’s camera – we did some fun shots with a model, and then portraits and stunt photos with the UCI cheerleaders. It was a fun project, and I actually got some great shots!


Then Friday and Saturday I worked with beautiful bride Michelle – and her princessy look that was topped off with THREE sparkly veils! She was not messing around, yo.  IMG_20140404_131201_720

Sunday brought two weddings – the first was bride Isabella and her Chart House wedding in Dana Point. My fellow beauty ninja Lisa Leming and I arrived bright and early to get these girls glammed up.

And I rounded out the weekend with Radell’s destination wedding on the beach in San Diego. She wanted a glamorous, Kim Kardashiany look for her hair and makeup, and I “did” her sister Tanisha as well. 🙂 She had her darling niece as flower girl in an enormous tutu.

And in the middle of all of this I finally got together some branding stuff for touch-up kits and was drowned it dog love. How was your weekend?



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Throwback Thursday – well, throwback to yesterday?

Yesterday (and today, actually) I’m working an event for Samy’s Camera in Oceanside.  It was at a beautiful local studio with a beautiful, super-talented model, Corissa Fur (www.corissa-furr.com). Seriously, I forgot how fun it is to watch a really great model go. Here are a couple candids from yesterday.

998479_10152114909073043_195706783_n (1)

A natural, metallic look


I fell back in love with my Graftobian HD Glamour Cream foundations. They’re an incredibly versatile, buildable foundation with great coverage, and well priced as well. Makeup Goddess cannot live by airbrush alone!

It was actually a lot of fun to play around! The last look was a little more editorial with a top knot ponytail and a neoprene bikini – can’t wait to see the pro pics of these different looks.

Today’s event will feature the UC Irvine cheerleaders – I’ll be sure to snap some behind the scenes pics!

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Stahp, you’re making me blush…

NOTHING feels as good as a glowing review from one of my brides! 🙂  Big thank you to bride Jesse and her fun bridal posse!

“Catherine did my hair and makeup, my officiant’s hair and my sister’s make-up for my wedding day, and made us all feel like goddesses. She really takes the retro look seriously–she gets really excited about putting together a whole retro look– and did an amazing job! She was such a trooper even with a crazy parking situation she had to deal with (there was a parade that shutdown ALL nearby streets, so parking was insane). She made the whole getting ready day really really fun and made everyone GORGEOUS.” IMG_20140315_131710_497

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While you were weekending… again.

Here are a couple shots of what went down last week – a beautiful former bridesmaid-turned bride (love those referral girls SO much!) made up for engagement photos, two fabulous ladies (also repeat offenders – love ’em!) going to the Barrister’s Ball and then a super fun bridal party with my #beautyninjas homegirl, Ms. Scarlett.  Hootie hoo!

photo 3

Gorgeous bride Shereen – you cannot tell from this pic how effervescent and fabulous this girlie is!


Engagement photo makeup for beautiful Brie!


Sex kitten Jennie!


Retrolicious vamptacular Diana!


Both gorgeous girls ready for the ball!

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March Ipsy bag!

IMG_20140313_091546_791Ipsy landed too!

After a whirlwind weekend – finally the blog. 🙂

I LOVE the bag this month – it’s all modern arty and I may keep it in my own stash instead of integrating it into the work stuff.

AND – this month I was able to do a little swappage with a client/Facebook friend (Hi, Jen!), and I handed off my NYX palette and she sent me her Be a Bombshell shadow quad and Nicole Roughies nailpolish – which was awesome! IMG_20140325_095951_428

I do love that Be a Bombshell line (and everything I’ve gotten from them is from Ipsy bags!) from sheer lipgloss to an awesome felt tipped liner, and the eyeshadow is pretty cool!  I love the color combo, and the shadows have a great sheen.

The Nicole polish is currently on my nails – wearing chip-free the morning after a hardcore crafting afternoon.   I’m a little conflicted about the rough texture – it’s kind of like asphalt.  I can’t decide if I think it’s super cool, or if it just looks like I smudged my nails.  I do know that I LOVE the robin egg blue color for spring!

Okay, so the bag I was officially sent had a slightly shimmery, neutral-toned NYX palette.  While I like NYX shadows just fine, I’ve had it with neutral for the moment – hence, swappage.  Pretty colors, though.

Those of you who read this who are clients or regular readers know that, in my estimation, Bare Minerals has a special place in hell – uh, not my favorite.  So while I’d like to automatically discount everything from the brand, I found this Marvelous Moxie lipstick to be, you know, just fine.  And plus one because I love tiny tubes of lipstick.  In the interest of full disclosure, I actually do love the Buxom lip glosses they’ve put out – they’re minty and tingly and sheer and have girly names and I’m into it.

Next up was a tinted Pixi primer, which, is, you know, okay.

The one thing I absolutely LOVED was the Chella Indigo blue eyeliner.  It’s a great felt tipped liner pen in a royally/cobalt color.  It’s long wearing and smudge/water resistant which is a necessity, but it’s all about the color for me.  I love it!

Now, the lead-up to this weekend was a great haul from Ulta.IMG_20140322_142153

I’ve been wanting those new grabby hair clips for updos and they’re awesome – my bridesmaids on Sunday had tons of hair and they kept it all in order.  That salty spray I purchased on recommendation from the fabulous www.dearmopsy.com – a new blog run by one of my favorite hairstylists and a great friend who has rescued my hair from many a near-fatal tragedy (always by my own hand).

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette was a purchase prompted by Sunday’s bride who kept sending me different Instagram photos over the last few months – I’m glad she did!  That palette will sit alongside my Nakeds as a staple for sure!

How was your weekend, friends?





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March Birchbox – unboxed!



I’m not gonna lie – I cheated and peeked on the contents of my Birchbox before I received it and was not really bursting at the seams with excitement for anything.

I did love the Stila lip glaze, because there’s never anything wrong with that. The color I received was Sparkling Grape, and these glosses are sticky, sheerly colored and stay on well.  This shade is a pretty pale lavender.

I also received the DKNY Be Delicious Skin sample.  It’s a cool concept, it’s just not my favorite fragrance (and, or course, I’m ridiculously scent-sensitive, so there is that).  The deal is that this fragrance will not only leave your skin scented, but hydrated and soft as well – love that!

Followed by the Jergens BB Body Cream – which is, just as it says, a BB cream for your body.  Whaaa?  I’m starting to be a hair burnt out on the whole BB trend, but I do love extra sunscreen in lotion.

Next up the Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum.  Again, any excuse for more sunscreen to layer into my skincare routine, but I’ve gotten sunscreen-adjacent products in my last four boxes.  Come on, guys!

Now my last item was this Air Repair Rescue Balm, and I adore it.  It reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, which I used to love when I worked for the brand.  I wish this had been a bigger sample!

The one thing I will say for this and every Birchbox is that they are generous with the samples, and I never get tired of the packaging and the surprise.  Just some months are better than others… whomp whomp. 🙂  I’ll just continue riding the wave of my color-changing nail polish from last month.

Eyes peeled for the Ipsy unbagging, which is coming up – and I’ll leave you with a pic of one of my gorgeous brides from last weekend and her fabulous sister.  I loved this group!




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Throwback Thursday – A little bit of fashiony-ness

Because there was a time when Goddess did not live on brides alone… 🙂


Here’s a gorgeous shot by digital artist Jeffery Scott featuring corsetry and costume by www.ExquisiteRestraint.com.





And the beautiful Sherri Snyder shot by Philip Ritchie – I can’t even begin to imagine a date for either of these, but what fun collaborations!

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Flashback Friday? Sure!




Here’s a fun n’ colorful oldie but goodie by the very talented Shannon Brooke, featuring burlesque queen Frankie Sin!  Love this – what a fun day!



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Throwback Thursday!

I gots one for ya!

Here’s Secret Side of Emerald City by digital artist Jeffery Scott featuring the gorgeous mug of model Julie Montana.  I think this has been published even more than I’m aware of and has been one of my favorite shots every since it was taken – and it’s from the very early days of Makeup by Catherine. Yay!


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Some fabulous pics from a wedding in August!



2013 was a fabulous year where I had nearly 100 weddings – zoinks!  And here’s one of my faves – the super-stylized, retro wedding of Sunny and Joe (because the Goddess of Makeup and Hair loves LOVE and welcome ALL couples!) at the Smog Shoppe in LA, after getting this cast of characters glammed up (hair and makeup by Catherine!) at the unbelievably cool Avalon in Beverly Hills.  When I got the inquiry and was told they were looking for Mad Men-esque, I knew this was gonna be a blast!  These guys were so much fun and had so much style, and these pictures totally reflect that.  Here are some of my faves, or you can head over to a blog they were featured on at http://bridalhotlist.com/rustic-urban-smogshoppe-los-angeles-wedding-3017276/.  I especially love this one of them together, because the suits of the grooms were spectacular, each with a different colored lining.  Yay!  Enjoy!

JoeandSunnyWeddingPicturesm abc-1819 zYLLGpRz9Uos9cTDCGPALtG0m_rzad8jmXEsJg6MwmQ,PQpAPs2bjpxHvvbrE3tdldMdA_mtqMSUcrF-xfgQwxg wIDSllb3GmqIDVc_kiLfspcLI0savNhlilufzm_19-k,ZWqmMzSRII-TO7IHArWVQfnXEHBHKrWgKiSiUYGuoHQUJU1P_p85LlgzCP9HuiEu6fwEFnXAVTpoFD4Sif4i1Y

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