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Unbagging the Ipsy of May!

Y’all have to forgive me for the lag time with this blog – I was struck down with the plague last Saturday night (aka a vicious head cold) and have been more or less good for nothing for the last … Continue reading

The perfect pin-up girl swimsuit – you’re welcome.

Okay, so I’m as anti-Walmart as the next socially conscious, semi-bleeding-liberal artsy type. ¬†I’ve seen the documentaries, I know how evil they are on a corporate level, anti-union, driving down our economy, closing the mom n’ pop shops, etc. But, … Continue reading

Pump up the volume…

Wanna have big sexy bedhead faster than you can say, “Not tonight, honey?” Okay – here are my three must haves for mega volume. Dry shampoo¬†– I have to love it because I NEVER wash my hair – like, seriously, … Continue reading